Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What's up?

So what's happened since the launch? Well all the normal things, keeping the site running, dealing with bugs and feedback and thinking about something new to add...

I think it has struck me and just about everybody else on the planet that Server Virtualization is going to be a real big thing in 2008. I was sitting on a cross-country flight thinking (in coach class again) and I was struck how the algorithms that I have used and applied to Databases are just as applicable to Storage and File-Systems especially if you can determine the cost savings of deploying compression and de-duplication on the storage. This is a very obvious thing to do in Server Consolidation, just how many copies of Win2k3 or XP do you need to store when you are simply changing the IP and hostname for each copy... so it got me thinking and the complier out again.

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