Monday, January 21, 2008

Oracle runs on an Intel Mac ... really!

So darn Oracle, when the hell will there be a native port to Intel Mac? I don't know, they all must be slacking around doing cool Linux and Xen stuff instead.

So I had 10gR1 running on my PowerBook G4 and PowerMac G5 and all has worked very well for some time. Somebody at some point in time thought it would be cool to support Mac and PowerPC (PPC). I get my first Intel Mac and there is no port to Intel or even any sign of it... what should I do?

Then I remembered Apple had Rosetta to emulate all those PowerPC instructions for non "universal" applications. So I first tried to install the Oracle software from scratch. No dice. Despite being Java it puked at a JNI dynamic library. Next I simply copied the existing install from my PowerBook G4 and after hacking my init.ora around (I had lost the original) and re-creating the orapw file... I have it running!


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