Sunday, January 20, 2008

VMware Fusion fun... not!

So thank god to Wikipedia and Google. I had been trying to run Oracle under a Linux O/S under a Virtualized Server (yes, I'm that trendy). But could not get Oracle installed. Each time it tried to create a file or directory I got

$ cd /mnt/hgfs/oel4u5ora11g
$ touch 1.1
touch: cannot touch '1.1' : Permission denied

So I had set up a Share from the VMware preferences so that the guest O/S could not a directory on my local disk (through the Preferences). I had then gone through the directory and performed a
$ chmod -R a+rwx *
But was still getting the permission denied problem. In a simple solution on Wikipedia. Simply turn the Network from NAT to Bridged... and now I have Oracle all installed...

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