Monday, August 27, 2007

Progress to date

One month later...

A depressing small number of tasks complete.jpg
So I could look at the picture above and get depressed, since this is the tasks completed list. Its 27 days since the last update and boy what a lot of code has been written and a hell of a lot of things learnt including, but not limited to,

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Java 1.5 (gosh this generics stuff is great!)
  • GWT
  • Ruby and Ruby-on-rails
  • Fusion FreeCharts and Flash
Its been a big learning curve, especially the week elapsed thrown away after I abandoned Runy-on-rails. I’ll write up one day the pros and cons for both Ruby-on-rails and GWT, they are both have some pitfalls as some things I really like.

So I have been also at the same time setting up my virtualized environment. I now have a DNS server curtsey of a very, very old Dell laptop and VMWare is up and running on the new MacPro. FredBSD and Linux distributions seemed to be no problem. Solaris 10 was very painful.

FreeBSD running under OS-X

Firstly the DVD iso images would not install with VMWare, so I eventually went to the CD images. Made some progress but Solaris does not seem to be that happy or stable. I probably need to kill it and start again.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Let the games begin

Day #1 (Well not quite)

So here we are, commemorating the first breaths of You can read all about what the company is trying to do at these pages are here to document my trials and tribulations of trying to make this bootstrap work. Perhaps we can reflect on these days when we get past the 1000th employee...

So you can see my desk above. I used the wall behind as my work pad, making the most out of what 3M had to offer. This even extended to designing the whole UI on Post-It notes can you can see to the below!

Final UI design for the

The work pad wall is a great reminder of what is left to do, but sadly the wall to my right as I work is a sad reminder of what I have got done. Its kind-of-sad to look at right now as you can see.

Tasks completed.jpg

Finally, as you can see above, the first Production box arrived. I guess that was the trigger for the blog since it made it feel like the project was well, getting real. Anyway, I figured that I wanted to run this all virtualized since I had no clear idea what I was going to run out of first, web servers, MySQL slaves who knows. Figured if I had it all virtualized then I can just spin up some new containers as and when needed. So its a nice 8 core 3.0GHz MacPro... refurbished so it was a *steal*.

Configuring the first production server.jpg