Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amazon Web Service Startup Shindig

Amazon EC2 and S3

So I have been tracking Amazon Web Services for some time. So, being signed up I got an invite to a event at Stamford University (those who know me, I know, don’t get me started). It got me thinking about the whole decision about virtualization. It makes a great deal of sense for my application since it allows me to add compute resources as I needed them. However, I now have to manage (and learn) about a whole bunch of things I really don’t want to know about, from DNS to Cicso IOS... you get the picture.

So I thought wow, EC2 plus S3 makes a great deal of sense. Allows me to focus on my application and Amazon to manage the infra-structure for me. The cost is not that bad either, I reckon on about $20 / day to start with which is a lot less than building it myself. It also means that I get some location transparency and can manage on the road, which seem a big thing at the moment.

It just all means that the applications needs a little re-architecture!

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