Monday, November 5, 2007

The Marketing begins

Oracle Open World is just a week away...

shapeimage_1-4.jpgSo marketing is in full force. Thanks to the totally awesome folks at jakprints, we have T-Shirts, Flyers and Business cards on their way to San Francisco... as fine sample is above!

The craigslist ad have been posted for auditions for the gorilla marketing team. And boy what a Heinz-57 they turned out to be. All the way from a “well preserved hippie from the 60’s with beads” (his words) to Hooters girls and extra from the Exotic Erotic Ball. Auditioning will be hell! The attack plan still need to be finalized with what exactly they are going to do. But they have 1000 flyers to last 3 days!

Hosted drinks will be at the W Hotel on Wednesday 14th November at 5.30pm.

And finally, the marketing machine burst out their first email marketing campaign... curtsey of MaxBulk Mailer.

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