Saturday, November 10, 2007

Finishing Line?

Are we there yet?

So the finish line, or is it the start? I’m too tired to answer but happy to get to Oracle Open World and let Joe Public answer the question. So where’s the scores on the doors? Well the good news is this is what did get done! Some amazing work was done by Dave T to put this through its paces!

It feels impressive, but really does not fell like all the late nights, lattes and other nocturnal behavior. It came down to the following

•7116 lines of Java code the the UI
•9354 lines of Java code for the Server
•2382 lines of documentation

UI running on EC2
The UI look peachy, hear seen with the EC2 instances up and running... and I did get a lot done.


But alas, there is also the wall of shame, just those things that I just was never going to get to... I especially liked the “Zoro all todo’s” a callback to older coding days gone by!

Wall of shame

Like Apollo 13, here’s my final, final check list to remember to do before launch on Monday morning... don’t forget, rocket goes bang etc.


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