Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fusion 3.0 slow down...fixed!

I had purchased Fusion 3, at a discount because I was part of the Beta program, but mostly because I brought into the fact that it was optimized for Snow Leopard and was faster. Was is there not to like about that.

Well, firstly, Fusion 3.0 just seemed to be much slower at taking snapshots and restoring VMs. Given that is what I'm doing 90% of the time that was a problem.

There seem to be two fixes that at least help, if not resolve the problem

1. Remove the VM directory from Spotlight indexing

Easy enough to do on System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy

Click on the "+" and add your Virtual machine directory into the Privacy list.

2. Stop VMware for starting an index
Seems that VMWare causes a re-index scan to occur, so lets turn that off!

defaults write com.vmware.fusion PLLibrarySpotlightSearchDone -bool YES

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