Sunday, March 8, 2009

VMWare Fusion Shared Printer Fun (or three hours to print a single page)

So, this should be simple right? I have my main Mac (some 8 core mainframe thing) where I run multiple development environments and a whole host of virtual machines running various Oracle version on lots of flavors of Windows, Linix and Solaris. I have a second machine where the shared printer is connected that I wanted to print to. Yes, I could have simply moved the printer, but where is the fun in that?

So I need to print from Windows. Well this is easy right... Errr wrong. The culprit was VMware's lack of documentation and working examples. Even the web did not prove useful.

So this is what I did, your mileage may vary

  1. Ensure that your Mac can print to the shared machine. Simply try printing a page from Safari. If that does not work, then Google way to fix a "regular" printing problem.
  2. Set the Network mode on the VM to "Bridged"
  3. Reboot the VM
  4. Install the right Printer Drivers (mine was an Epson RX500)
  5. Install Apple's "Bonjour for Windows"
  6. Follow the install directions for Bonjour for Windows, accepting all the defaults
  7. ... and if you are lucky if works
I then found a video, looks like somebody at VMWare put together but its not linked from their main site. Oh, and can I have my three hours back please?

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